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Australia is among the most visited countries in the world, and it isn’t hard to imagine why. Australia is a land full of treasures, from the famous Sidney Opera house. the great barrier reef marine park. the fraser island to national parks. and beautiful beaches, Australia has it all. Beforeyou buy the flight ticket, and book the hotel. is important to understand that you might need a visa or an ETA to enter the country. All theinformation that you need to know about the ETA. and the requirements is in this article.

eTA Australiia – Application form

eVisa to Australia
eVisa to Australia

What is an ETA Australia?

ETA refers to Electronic travel authorization. and is a document that allows the entrance to the country. but wait, just citizens of 33 countries are able to get the ETA (the list includes countries like United States, Spain. Canada. and Japan). If you are not a citizen of the eligible countries you will need to get a visa. If you are from New Zealand you won’t need a visa nor an ETA to enter the country.The ETA was implement by the Australian government in 1996, and only works for short-term business purposes or tourism activity.

eTA Australiia – Application form

ETA Australia
ETA Australia

How to get the ETA Australia?

The process is completely simple. and is all done online, and you will need just 3 things:

  • -Your passport number. Your passport has to be valid from the date that you are arriving Australia. there is not specification on how many months does it has to be valid from the day of the arrival.
  • -Your email address.
  • -Avalid credit card.

Now you have tofill in the application online. be careful to putthe same personal data that appear on your passport. Provide the reason for yourtravel to Australia, also include the intended stay time, and activities. After you are done with that step pay the fee with the credit card. The ETA differs on some other electronic documents such as the eVisa because you don’t need to printthe ETA, itis electronically linked to your passport, and once you arrive into the country the official will check it.The processing time of the visa can be immediate, or take up to 2 business days. Sometime the process can take longer if the case is referred to the Australian High Commission (this occurs if your visit is of interest to the Australian government, which rarely happens). For people with dual- nationality, they have to decide which passport they will use, since that passport is the one that is going to be linked to

the ETA.You can’t cancel the ETA, the fee is non-refundable. If you entered any personal data incorrectly you can’t go back to change it. anew ETA request has to be done. and you will need to pay for the fee again.

ETA to Australia
ETA to Australia

eTA Australiia – Application form

Can my ETA to Australia get rejected?

If you entered wrong personal data or have a history of criminal conviction you might get rejected.

For how long does the ETA last?

The ETA has afull length of 1 year, this is standard, you can’t extend it or reduce it. lt allows you multiple entries to the country, with a maximum

stay of 3 months (90 days) on each travel you do. If you want to stay longer you can arrange a visa.

Can I work in Australia on an ETA?

Definitely no. The ETA only works for tourism or business activities on short-term. Working with an ETA is considered an illegal activity. which will lead to the expulsion from the country, you might need to pay a fine. and your further applications for an ETA won’t be approved.If you wish to, you can study in the country on an ETA, but you can’t stay there longer than 3 months. Keep in mind that you can’t have any work experience even if it is a part ofthe course.

eTA Australiia – Application form

Benefits of the ETA Australia

  • -All the process is done online.
  • -You don’t have to worry about printing it because they officials will check it once you are atthe airport.
  • -The application process is simple, and the fee is really cheap.